Tips to Write Quotes that Come Alive

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Public relations and communications professionals routinely create quotes for news releases, but that doesn’t mean the quotes need to be dull. Quotes are meant to deepen a reader’s understanding of an article, a release, or a story by providing facts, insight, a perspective, or emotion. They also bring writing alive, and our eyes are drawn… Read more »

Giving Thanks May Be Persuasive

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Thanksgiving is just the start of the season of giving. Although it is traditional to give thanks as we gather at the dinner table this year, we also need to remember to give thanks where we work and in our corporate writing.  As a leader, corporate communicator, or business professional, it turns out, you might have… Read more »

Should You Ditch Laptop Note-Taking?

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A psychologist says that we remember more when we handwrite because the brain has time to absorb the meaning. Business professionals and students are increasingly using laptops to take notes in meetings and classes, because it’s faster and because everyone is accustomed to typing. Some studies in the past showed that in the context of… Read more »

Persuasion Tip: How to Motivate Employees

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How can you persuade employees to improve their job performance? It can be as easy as showing them how their jobs benefit others. Psychologists have often said that a manager can improve job performance by changing a person’s perception of how the job benefits others. Scholars assume that this tactic is effective because it enables… Read more »