How to Get the Most out of Your Writers

This workshop helps managers get the most out of their writers by developing an atmosphere where people feel like they are growing and thriving as writers and are not simply getting their material slashed with red ink.

As many PR professionals and corporate communicators are promoted and begin to manage teams, they suddenly find themselves responsible for the quality of writing their staff produces. With no training or preparation for the role of editor, they scramble to understand how to help people improve.

Topics to be covered:

  • Understand your role as a coaching editor
  • Create an environment where writers feel valued.
  • Work collaboratively so that the writer does most of the work.
  • Build the writer’s confidence.
  • Deliver criticism without alienating the writer.
  • Connect with the writer three times during the writing process.
  • Improve your editing and proofreading skills

Here are a few questions we will address

  • How can I find the time to nurture my writers?
  • How do I handle seasoned writers who think they don’t need an editor?
  • How often should I have individual conversations with people about their writing?
  • If a draft needs major changes, should I rewrite it myself to save time?
  • If I begin to read a draft and quickly see grammatical errors, should I fix them?
  • What are the most important elements of writing I should be looking for when I edit?

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