For managers, staff, administrative assistants, engineers, writing is an important part of your job, and you can’t avoid it. Whether you are writing an e-mail, a formal memo, a report, or a performance review, polished professional writing must be clear and engaging.

This one-day business writing essentials workshop will give you the tips, techniques, and insights you need to explain complex ideas, propose solutions to problems, manage projects, and motivate people. A second day can be added for one-on-one coaching sessions.

Here are a few highlights of what you will learn:

  • Think from the audience’s perspective. What questions will the reader have?
  • Organize your ideas so you know where you are going.
  • Package your message so that you position important details where readers will see them.
  • Craft an effective summary paragraph at the beginning to focus the reader’s attention.
  • Simplify your writing. Make complex information easy to grasp.
  • Tighten your writing by removing words that add nothing to your main idea.
  • Avoid mistakes in grammar and punctuation that make readers wince.

The ability to express your thoughts clearly and efficiently in writing is essential. Improve your business writing skills and master the grammar and punctuation rules that will make your communication more credible and effective.

Here are a few questions you will be able to answer:

  • How do I avoid taking forever to get started?
  • What are the most important elements of an e-mail message?
  • How can I make sure I use an appropriate tone?
  • How can I write with fewer words?
  • How do I turn geek-speak into a message people can understand?
  • Do you put a comma before and in a series?
  • When is it acceptable to use the passive voice?

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