Persuasive Writing Tip: Focus on the Number of Readers

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If you send a persuasive message to a group, consider two important factors: the strength of your argument and the number of people who will process it. For persuasive writing to be effective, an audience needs to be motivated to read the message (or hear it). And one factor that can affect a person’s motivation… Read more »

Persuasive Writing Tip: It’s Not Just About the Message

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If you sit down to write a persuasive message, you probably focus on carefully selecting the right words and emphasizing the appropriate points. But the success of your message might depend on something else. People often decide how to respond to your persuasive message based not on the content but on your credibility.

Persuasive Writing Tip: Buzzwords are Risky

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The trendy words and phrases that we know as “corporate speak” tarnish any communication, but using them in a persuasive appeal can be particularly risky. For a persuasive message to influence an audience, people need to see or hear concrete language, words that link to real people, places, objects, and concepts that everyone is familiar… Read more »