Persuasion Tip: How to Motivate Employees

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How can you persuade employees to improve their job performance? It can be as easy as showing them how their jobs benefit others. Psychologists have often said that a manager can improve job performance by changing a person’s perception of how the job benefits others. Scholars assume that this tactic is effective because it enables… Read more »

Persuasive Writing Tip: Express Displeasure Politely

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Learning to express displeasure politely invites a civilized discussion and increases the likelihood that the other person will accept your point of view. This was a lesson that a Harvard Business School professor apparently did not consider before sending a series of arrogant emails to a Chinese restaurant owner whose prices did not match those… Read more »

Business Writing Tip: Clear Openings Affect Persuasiveness

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The clarity of your first few sentences can affect persuasiveness. The reader needs to know why the message is relevant. People don’t necessarily think of clarity as important to persuasion. Influencing people is thought of as the careful use of language to shape opinion and induce compliance, while clarity is associated more with messages that… Read more »

Public Relations Writing Tip: Use Flattery to Persuade

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If you want someone to comply with your request, try using flattery to persuade.   Flattery, compliments and exaggerated tributes, are among numerous ingratiation tactics that people use to induce someone to perform a particular behavior. Flattery brightens a person’s mood Psychologists Anthony Pratkanis, Craig Abbott, and their team approached two categories of people in… Read more »