Influencing Your Audience: Motivating People to Accept Your Ideas

The key to professional success is having the ability to get results. Perhaps you are trying to ask for a promotion or convince senior management your idea is better than someone else’s. Or maybe you need to persuade skeptical employees to support a new program.

This workshop provides insight, tactics, and techniques you can use when crafting messages so that you influence your audience and motivate people to accept your ideas. The session explores what behavioral psychologists have found to be the reasons people act a certain way or change their opinion.

Here are a few highlights of what you will learn:

  • How to strengthen your image before you attempt to persuade someone
  • How to open a persuasive message when the audience is resistant or indifferent
  • How to hold an audience’s attention so that your message is memorable
  • How to position information for maximum impact
  • Why credibility is essential to your persuasiveness and what you can do to strengthen your image if the audience does not have a favorable view of you
  • How to deliver disappointing news without alienating the reader
  • How to use five principles of social psychology to induce people to accept your point of view

Questions you will be able to answer:

  • Are persuasion and propaganda the same thing?
  • If I have three ideas (A, B, and C), and I want the reader to choose B, where do I position it in relation to the other two?
  • How do you persuade employees who are apathetic?
  • If I am an expert in my field, does that make me more persuasive?
  • How can you persuade employees to be encouraged after a large layoff?

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